Hell Let Loose

Greetings 16AAers, I've been having a blast over the weekend with "Hell Let Loose" and it has given me a hankering for some organised play with people who work as teams...

... cue me checking in here to see if any of you have been having a go at it at all?

Kind regards,

Hutson (Ex CO, 16AA)
i jumped on that free weekend aswell it was alot better than i anticipated
Yeah, I know - really well put together - some slightly odd "climbing" animations / feeling (but better than ArmA).  I like the moving / different objectives each game, keeps it fresh.
its like a working post scriptum
Me again - nearly a year later :D

Is this something any of you are playing on any regular basis - I'm *reeaaaalllllly* missing disciplined / trained squads to play with!
me and some of the lads play from time to time, been thinking of organising a big game again soon to be honest
I'm down to clown. Give us a shout